Applicants for the Master or PhD programs at the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Republic of Korea are most welcome.

Students or Professionals who are interested in doing their Master or PhD in English language at the Department of Architecture in the field of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism:

  • Please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Schuetze by e-mail prior to the official application process at Sungkyunkwan University including your curriculum vitae, a performance record, a motivation letter and a draft thesis proposal (all documents in English) in your application.

Master and PhD thesis topics could be for example assigned to the following keywords:

  • Integrated Design of Low-Energy, Passive and Zero Emission Buildings and Districts
  • Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning
  • Urban Resilience, Climate Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Climate Responsive Design (adapted environmental design for different basic conditions, climate zones and cultures in low-, middle- and high- income countries).
  • Development of concepts and designs for (building) integrated urban infrastructure systems, including technically and nature-orientated systems for the management of energy, waste (reuse and recycling) and water (rainwater, sewage, water supply, sanitation, surface and underground water), the greening of space and buildings, as well as the production of food and renewable energy.